Ron Church Fine Art and Design

403 370 9907 Calgary, Alberta


  Born and raised in Calgary, I've been painting and drawing most of my life.  My main focus is oil painting, using mostly palette knives to achieve great texture to my work. I tend to paint a variety of subjects at a time with different themes, allowing me to maintain a fresh perspective in all my work. My training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Illustration, and I've worked several years designing furniture.  Creativity through rigid and tight detailing of furniture and architectural presentation spurred on my need to evolve into the free-flowing, looseness and spontaneity in the works I now create. Working on several paintings at a time, paintings typically take from 2-1/2 months to 10-1/2 months to complete.  Often each layer of paint must often be completely dry before applying the next application.  Most of the larger linen canvases are hand-stretched and gesso-prepared by me,  adding up to 2-1/2 months of additional time before I begin to paint. Please view my gallery of paintings and thank you for visiting.